The same innovators who revolutionized bottled water processing are transforming the potable water and wastewater management industry through pioneering technology.

WaterFleet’s mobile water solutions significantly improve workforce living conditions and productivity, provide long-range cost savings, streamline operations, and safeguard the environment. Its problem-solving focus of on-site potable water production and wastewater management has significant applications for a variety of industries, including oil field, construction and emergency management.

The WaterFleet team is dedicated to living out the company’s core values of Respect, Quality, Teamwork, Health/Safety, and Radical Innovation in earning the distinction as leaders in the industry.

Social Responsibility

Living conditions can be difficult for the men and women who work in construction, drilling, and emergency management. WaterFleet is dedicated to solving the need for safe, clean and reliable production of on-site potable water and improving quality-of-life for employees at remote work sites.

Our mobile rig systems not only improve living conditions and worker productivity, they help prevent worker illness, reduce negative environmental impact, introduce new technology for ensuring compliance, and set the standard for health and safety in the potable water and sewage removal industry.