WaterFleet’s mobile rig systems are setting new industry standards and making traditional methods of delivering potable water and wastewater management obsolete. Its pioneering technology solves the need for safe, clean and reliable production of on-site potable water and eliminates the cost and environmental risk of hauling out sewage from work sites.

WaterFleet’s radically innovative systems – The Water Rig, The Reclaimer Rig and The Raft – are challenging the status quo and providing welcome cost-effective and environmentally compliant solutions to the oil and gas, construction and emergency service industries.


Saves Money

Our products and services eliminate many of the expensive components related to water and sewer management. WaterFleet services can save money while providing exponential benefits.


Our wastewater reclamation capability provides a water stream that is available for approved re-use in various applications such as irrigation, dust suppression, O&G cementing/displacement operations, or construction concrete/batch plant operations, solving compliance issues with verifiable water quality.


We eliminate heavy haul-in/haul-out service truck traffic, which improves road life, enhances community relations, and reduces environmental impact.

Quality of Life

Convenient access to safe drinking water, ice, and sanitary restroom and break facilities enhances employees’ health and safety, increases job satisfaction and productivity, and retains quality personnel.

Full System

WaterFleet offers a full range of system and service solutions that solve critical needs around potable water/ice, restroom/break facilities, and sewer reclamation.

Why WaterFleet?

The WaterFleet System is the easiest and most efficient water solution for remote locations and temporary housing installations.


How It Works

Conveying what we do is important, but we think explaining how it’s done is equally as important.