What’s in a Name, Anyway?

We were almost complete with the prototype Water Rig and it was coming along nicely. On the inside, it was a wonderland of water treatment and controls, but on the outside it was just a white cargo trailer. I thought that I needed to get some kind of decal or name on the outside, so I went online to see if I could get some vinyl letters made.

Now, I will have to admit at this point that the name I had come up with for the trailer was a bit lame. “The Portable Potable Water System” doesn’t really roll off the tongue. I had dubbed it the PPWS 6000, because it could produce 6,000 gallons per day of potable water. It was a very “engineer-y” kind of name. Several people, including my wife/COO, politely suggested to me that it might need a better name. Several were bounced around, but it was my son who ultimately texted the winning name, “The Water Rig.”

So, there I was looking to get some kind of vinyl letters made to put on the side of the rig. I am not sure exactly what stopped me, but I remember thinking better of it, and instead I called Creative Link. This branding group is run by a good friend of mine and has done a lot of good work for my business over the years. I told them what I was up to and that I needed something put on this new trailer. I was thinking a cool font would do the trick, but when the artwork came across, I was blown away. It was a full wrap that would transform my boring white trailer into a strong message. The wrap that went on the first Water Rig became the standard, and set us apart in the oil field.

Once the wrap was applied, the Water Rig stood proudly in all her glory. We were searching for the new company name around that time as well. I was reading a sailing magazine one night (I like to sail), and it was talking about a fleet of boats doing an ocean crossing. “WaterFleet” came into my brain, and that was that. I realized that I had been thinking about the Water Rig in the female tense, as you would a boat, and that is when the next idea hit me. I should name her, like you would name a boat in a fleet.

A week or so later , I brought my wife out into the manufacturing area to show her the Water Rig. On the front sides of the trailer (the bow), I had placed her name “Allison Lee.” When she saw it, she cried. I knew then that I had come a long way from the PPWS 6000. So, what’s in a name? Everything. And every Water Rig we have made since has a lady’s name adorning the side.