The Reliever Rig

Mobile Climate-Controlled, Skid Deployed Industrial Restroom Facility

The Reliever Rig is an innovative, environmentally friendly solution for restrooms on construction and emergency management sites. When paired with our industry leading Water and Reclaimer Rigs, The Reliever Rig offers unparalleled workforce relief while enhancing health, productivity, safety, and sustainability. Unique features include separate, climate-controlled restrooms with flushing toilets for men and women, indoor and outdoor hand washing stations, and a safety shower.

WaterFleet has revolutionized potable water and wastewater management through pioneering technology, and its innovative
worker relief facilities are transforming conditions on remote work sites. WaterFleet’s green solutions increase workforce productivity, enhance compliance, provide long-range cost savings, streamline operations, and safeguard the environment. The problem-solving
focus of its on-site potable water production, wastewater management and modernized worker relief facilities has significant applications for a variety of industries.


Features and Benefits

  • Seamlessly connects to WaterFleet Rig system
  • Provides climate-controlled, fully-equipped restrooms for
    men and women
  • Accommodates as many as 500 workers per day
  • Eliminates costly rental of unsanitary portable toilets and storage and hauling of raw sewage
Self Contained
  • 48 ft. enclosed skid
  • Single point electrical connection
  • Men’s restroom contains 10 commercial pressure flushing toilets and 8 urinals
  • Separate, locking women’s restroom contains 2 commercial pressure flushing toilets
  • Restrooms equipped with hand wash sinks and dryers
  • External safety shower, eye wash station and hand sinks
  • Full wash down capable with daily cleaning available by WaterFleet
  • Flex room offers space for utilities and storage for dry goods
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Powered ventilation

Utility Requirements

Electric Power and Water Supply
  • 220V, 1PH 150A connection
  • Water supplied by The Water Rig or other potable water supply
  • Waste processed by The Reclaimer Rig or directed to existing sewer system

Why WaterFleet?


How It Works