The Reclaimer Rig

Self-Contained Mobile Domestic Wastewater Processing Solution for sewer management needs, including:

  • Temporary Housing sites

  • Construction Site Work Force Areas

  • Remote Work/Office Locations

  • Emergency response Locations

WaterFleet proudly provides The Reclaimer Rig, a self-contained unit that eliminates hazardous transport of sewage and creates a minimal haul-out environment, reduces odors and risks from on-site septic water storage, and provides reclaimed wastewater for approved beneficial reuse.

  • Eliminates storage and hauling of raw domestic waste
  • Reclaimed water may be re-used for drilling activities, cement/displacement operations, concrete / batch plant operations, dust suppression, or irrigation needs
  • 3,000 gallon per day processing capability
  • System can be towed by utility duty pick-up truck
  • Automated operation with remote monitoring capability

System Features

Solves Problems
  • Reclaims up to 3,000 gpd domestic wastewater
  • Eliminates need for haul-out of raw waste or storage of waste on site
  • Creates a zero haul-out environment
  • Reduces or eliminates odors on site due to septic water storage
Self Contained System
  • Custom built high capacity 20 ft. cargo trailer houses entire processing system
  • Single electrical connection uses site available power
  • Includes all lift stations and transfer line for the site
  • Fully automated control with remote monitoring option (when used with The Water Rig)

Utility Requirements

Electric Power
  • 220V, 1PH, 60HZ, 40A
  • Single point plug connection

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