Conveying WHAT we do is important, but we think explaining HOW it’s done is equally as important.

Our Rig Up/Down Services

WaterFleet provides all piping, hoses, connections and labor to fully connect your camp to our rigs. We arrive at the same time housing and skids are installed to connect systems according to our standards and at the direction of operator personnel.

For a site move, we arrive ahead of housing crews to properly disconnect and clear space for removal of temporary structures. We properly drain our piping systems prior to collection and move of our mobile rigs. WaterFleet uses a fourth product, the Jumper Rig to provide temporary services at a new site until all housing has been relocated and The Water Rig, The Reclaimer Rig, and/or the RAFT are installed.

Our Promise of Quality

  • We use only FDA and NSF approved piping, hoses and connections for distribution of potable water.
  • We pressure wash and sanitize piping systems as needed between moves to prevent contamination.
  • We provide pressurized water directly from our system to the house connection with no atmospheric breaks.
  • We secure every connection to ensure tamper-resistance and follow guidelines for line placement to prevent cross-contamination.
  • We super chlorinate lines at rig up to sanitize the distribution system.
  • We perform testing at the house delivery points and run bacteriological analysis to ensure water safety.
  • We use top quality enclosed lift stations with carbon air filtration to collect and transfer domestic waste.
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Completion and Construction Sites

Oil and Gas Sites