Press Release: WaterFleet 2015 Achievements

WaterFleet ended 2015 with some new and impressive milestones.

  • Over 14 million gallons of clean, fresh, quality potable water produced for drilling camps in Texas, with an average daily supply of 60,000 gallons.
  • Over 14 million gallons of water returned for re-use by the drilling operation from our waste water processing systems.
  • That has resulted in more than 700,000 miles and 9,300 truck trips removed from the roads of Texas.
  • More than 1,500 workers positively affected every day because they have access to clean safe water from our systems.
  • A customer list of some of the most recognized and progressive names in the energy sector.

Why has all of this happened, especially in a depressed market? My answer would be that we brought an innovative solution to an age old problem that positively affects the way people live. We think people matter, and apparently a lot of companies in this sector think that way as well.

  • The amazing side benefits to caring about the workforce enough to provide them safe clean water is that the communities in the areas that these companies operate are also positively affected.
  • Many trucks that clogged up the roads and increased the danger of driving on them were removed.
  • Millions of gallons of water that were taken from municipalities that could scarcely afford those volumes were processed on site instead from the on site source.
  • Millions of gallons of sewage that were transported to municipal systems to the point of overflowing have been recycled instead for use on the site.
  • Thousands of plastic bottles that once held drinking water used on the sites and then ended up blowing down the roads, were not needed because the water produced was safe to drink.

Bottom line, WaterFleet has disrupted a sector of the O&G market for the good of everyone involved in it. Thanks to all those that are on the ride with us.