WaterFleet is the competitively priced, pioneering solution to complete water management for oil and gas drilling and completion sites. Our systems provide documented compliance with significant benefits to employees, neighboring landowners and the environment.

As the new industry leader, WaterFleet has developed the only rig system that meets Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) guidelines for beneficial recycling of “treated domestic wastewater and mobile drinking water treatment system wastewater at drill sites.”

WaterFleet’s mobile rig systems include worry-free installation, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting so that drill site managers and superintendents can focus on operations and productivity. Living conditions and productivity of on-site workers are significantly improved with clean, safe water and ice

Many of the most recognized and progressive companies in the energy industry are benefitting from WaterFleet’s mobile water solutions, which to date have produced more than 14 million gallons of verifiable potable water for drilling camp workers, recycled more than 140 million gallons of domestic wastewater for approved reuse, and reduced truck traffic by more than 4 million miles.

We understand the importance of making smart cost decisions, especially considering current market conditions. Effectively managing expenses requires a full spectrum analysis of return on investment, where cost is best measured by value. WaterFleet’s competitively priced, fiercely innovative solutions provide long-range cost savings and minimal environmental impact.

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BPX | Pioneer Natural Resources | Parsley Energy | Conoco Phillips
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