Midland, TX
Salary: $15.00 to $19.00 /hour


We are a technology enabled environmental service company providing sophisticated mobile water purification and wastewater treatment systems for oil & gas and construction firms. Our systems improve the safety and quality of life of workers in remote locations, and advance environmental compliance and stewardship initiatives through lean business and waste management solutions. We are a dedicated service company, primarily for the oil field sector that provides on-site potable water production and wastewater treatment to temporary housing at drill sites and related camps with three innovative and simple mobile solutions.

If you have ever lived on a drilling or completion site in camp housing, you know that the water supplied into the house, and the sewage stored behind the house, can be difficult to live with. We solve those problems. Our Water Reclaim System provides the easiest and most efficient water solutions to remote locations and temporary housing installations.


Fast growing company with opportunities for advancement. Strong company culture and positive work environment. We are in need of people who want to join a fast growing company, willing to start at the bottom and work their way up, and can get crazy passionate about great customer service and doing their job right!

Growth Opportunities

Every Crew Lead, Assistant Crew Lead and Field Manager started as a field technician. People are hired into these positions because they must have experience with the water systems before they can be in a leadership role. Field Technicians are evaluated and if there are leadership qualities exhibited they could be candidates for promotion into these positions.


  • Candidates who live in Midland/ Odessa/ Pecos area pay:
  • $17- $19 an hour (based on experience)
  • Candidates who live within 5 hour radius from Midland/Odessa/ Pecos area pay:
  • $15 to $17 an hour (based on experience)


  • 10 days on and 5 days off.
  • Overtime is required to get the job finished which could mean working late evenings and/or weekends.
  • Some of this will be drive time driving 3 hours to a site, performing 3 hours of work, and driving 3 hours back (as an example).
  • Could work as many as 80 hours per week, and as little as 40 with an average being around 60 hour per week.


  • Medical, Dental, Vision,
  • 401K
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability

**Full benefits are available the first of the month after 60 days of employment.


  • MUST be within 5 hour drive from Midland/Pecos area
  • MUST be able to work overtime
  • MUST have a valid drivers license
  • MUST not have excessive tickets on record (no more than 3 in 3 years)
  • MUST be clear of DWI convictions on record for the last 7 years
  • MUST BE ABLE TO TRAVEL FROM SITE TO SITE. Job sites include Texas (San Antonio, Pecos, Midland) as well as Oklahoma and Louisiana.
  • MUST be able to work on-call when on hitch schedule
  • MUST be able to pass a drug and alcohol test
  • Must have a clean background
  • MUST report to work clean shaven for safety compliance reasons
  • Due to DOT regulations, drivers of commercial Motor Vehicles are required to be 21 years of age or older
  • High School Grad; or GED
  • Some experience in a service and delivery role
  • MUST BE ABLE TO TRAVEL FROM SITE TO SITE AND WORK A 10/5 SCHEDULE. Job sites include Texas (San Antonio, Pecos, Midland) as well as Oklahoma and Louisiana.
  • Must be able to navigate on a computer mouse, type, change screens
  • Must be able to work with people in sometimes adverse situations (meaning customer is almost always right!)


  • You will experience outside trips to installation sites in a variety of weather conditions ranging from winter cold to summer hot with the full gamut of precipitation
  • You will work with a crew of 3-5 who are responsible for delivering the water to customer sites, setting them up, tearing them down, switching them out and performing basic maintenance.
  • You will interact with co-workers, and customers. You will monitor performance of the systems on the water rigs and coordinate basic maintenance with crew leaders and monitoring techs. You will work hard physically, and could be on call periodically with your crew.

**The 3-5 man crew is made up of a Crew Lead, an Assistant, and 1-3 Field Technicians.


  • Mechanical Skills – Required for installation and maintenance purposes (basic hand tools)
  • Technical Skills – Can hitch, connect, pull, back up and perform basic maintenance of heavy duty enclosed and open trailers
  • Computer Skills – Each trailer is monitored by computer system. The tech may be involved with accessing the computer system to determine what maintenance needs to be performed. We will teach you about our systems, but we need you to be able to use a mouse, keyboard and know general computer navigation.
  • Communication and Customer Service Skills – Having knowledge of the oilfield industry is preferred due to having direct contact with company men. It is crucial for our employees to understand that the company men are apart of our team and should be dealt with the utmost respect.

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