The same WaterFleet benefits experienced by some of the most recognized and progressive companies in the energy industry translate to any construction location with potable water, restroom/break-room facility requirements, and on-site sewage management needs.

WaterFleet is the remote construction site solution to providing documented clean water and ice for workers and safely treated domestic wastewater that is TCEQ approved for on-site reuse. The result is comprehensive water, restroom, and sewage management at a competitive price within an environmentally responsible model that is HSE and OSHA compliant.

Using a 24-hour automated monitoring system, WaterFleet allows construction managers to focus on their people and productivity, rather than the logistics of supplying workers with clean water and ice, hauling out sewage, or the health and environmental concerns that come with it.

In fact, WaterFleet’s mobile rig systems make a significant contribution to supporting the implementation of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards in actual operation of a construction site, with reduced risk to the environment, improved worker conditions with sanitary, full functioning restroom facilities, and substantial reduction in potable and bottled water-supply truck traffic.

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BPX | Pioneer Natural Resources | Parsley Energy | Conoco Phillips
XTO | Zachry Industrial | Bechtel Equipment | McDermott

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