Beneficial Recycling of Treated Domestic Wastewater and Mobile Drinking Water Treatment System Wastewater at Drill Sites

Press Release – April 14, 2016


WaterFleet, LLC is pleased to announce that after more than a year of communication and cooperation with The Railroad Commission of Texas, A Notice to Operators regarding the “Beneficial Recycling of Treated Domestic Wastewater and Mobile Drinking Water Treatment System Wastewater at Drill Sites” has been released. Included with that release is the “Permit and Application Guidance” document.

This release provides definitive guidelines on the operation of onsite sewer processing systems at drill sites, as well as the options for re-use that will be available. Water quality requirements for the re-use are also defined.

“WaterFleet is pleased that TRRC has taken the steps to develop and release this document” said Alan Pyle, CEO of WaterFleet, LLC. “Many operators have embraced the idea of processing sewer at drill sites instead of hauling it away, but had concerns about what regulatory agencies would say about the practice. As a leader in this movement, WaterFleet felt it was important to fight for a guideline that would set the rules for operation. Through its 2+ years of operation, WaterFleet has used the most appropriate TCEQ guidelines related to our operations, and now we are excited to operate under the clarity of this new guideline from TRRC. We have already recycled more than 16 million gallons of water for beneficial re-use, and in doing so have eliminated thousands of truck trips that would have been required to haul away raw sewage. We look forward to continuing our positive contribution to recycling water and taking trucks off the road. These are both huge initiatives for the industry in answer to the concerns of communities and property owners.”

In December 2014, TRRC released a Notice to Operators stating that raw sewage could not be discharged at drilling or completion sites. This notice provided clear instruction to operators that any of the old “ways” related to on ground or below ground discharge of untreated sewage would not be tolerated. This new guidance now provides clear guidance on the practice of processing on site. Any systems that cannot produce discharge to the defined quality requirements cannot be used, and it also makes it clear that re-use is required. “Simply running sewage through an under sized or badly designed system, and then running that discharge out on the ground is clearly not allowed” said Pyle.

WaterFleet operates a fleet of Mobile Water Drinking System production trailers (The Water Rig), and Mobile On Site Sewerage Facility trailers (The Reclaimer Rig) for oil field drilling and completion site operations. Both systems are designed to the highest standards with specific technology to address the particular demands of this environment. You can visit for more information on our services.

The Guidance document can be found at this link.