Efficiency, Productivity, Quality

The WaterFleet System is the most efficient and reliable water solution for remote locations and temporary housing installations.

Our three innovative mobile rig solutions cover all your potable water and wastewater reclaim needs, while allowing site supervisors to focus on their people and productivity. No more distractions from supplying workers with clean water and ice, hauling out sewage, or the health and environmental concerns that come with it. In addition, WaterFleet systems are affordable,
and consistently exceed company and industry health standards.

When you call in the WaterFleet, you become a respected part of our team and benefit from our purpose-driven innovation.


Our Warranty

We are so confident in our systems’ capabilities, that we guarantee results. If we cannot provide approved quality water for more than six continuous hours in a day, we will credit the charge for that day and provide an alternative source of approved water until the problem is resolved.

We know that frequent monitoring and testing of what we do is critical, which is why our own highly trained personnel install and service all WaterFleet rigs to ensure reliable performance. WaterFleet’s automated systems support regulatory compliance through 24-hour remote monitoring, providing quality assurance and detailed data collection for HSE and OSHA documentation. The Water Rig is also self-monitoring and will shut down distribution if water does not meet quality standards.

When you partner with WaterFleet you can count on our commitment to exceptional quality and rigorous maintenance of approved health and safety standards.


By doing business with WaterFleet, there is no need to worry about any compliance issues. We take care of everything for you. Our water supply is verifiable as high quality. Additionally, our approved wastewater reclamation is to OSSF re-use standards.

Let us handle it all!