Paul – Site Clerk

Paul Clerk from H&P 508 and we have the WaterFleet System. We’ve noticed since we swapped over to this unit that our skin doesn’t itch or anything like that once we get out of the shower. It’s easy on the eyes and doesn’t burn the eyes when you’re washing your face or anything like that. It was able to keep up with about 8 trailers and 30 something people using the system all at once. So I’d recommend it to anybody.

Title: Site Clerk  | Rig: H&P 508

Agora – Mud Engineer

Hi, I’m Agora Barone. I’m the Mud Engineer at H&P 508. I got a good experience with your water. I mean, the water is good quality. I’m happy with the service and the quality of the water is way, way better than the one we used to have here in location. I’ve been talking to a lot of guys from here and they’re happy. So keep up the good work!

Title: Mud Engineer  | Rig: H&P 508

Stacy – Drilling Manager

This is Stacy Shivers. I was one of the first customers to use the water rig and reclaimer in the actual field location. We have been absolutely thrilled with these products since the day they arrived. First and foremost they save us money. We were paying 25¢ a gallon to have water delivered to our location for the crews and company men, and that water was pretty nasty when it arrived. And that coupled with the fact we’re paying some 45-50¢ a gallon to have sewage hauled off. These costs were just mounting. So these rigs have definitely been a game changer for us in the sense that it saves us money. It also is a great thing for the company men on location. He doesn’t have to worry about calling everyday for trucks to deliver water or another truck to pick up sewage. It’s just all there done for them and that’s been a big benefit. Just not having the trucks, the truck traffic has been great. Some secondary things, it’s been wonderful to not have to worry about more trash on location. None of these plastic water bottles thrown about. We don’t have any of these problems, so that’s kind of been a secondary benefit of the water rig and reclaimer rig. But from a personal standpoint, it’s been great that I can go to location and stay in my trailer and have this great water coming out of every faucet in the house. I can go take a shower in a real nice environment with clean water and take pills in the sink and the bathroom without having nasty, yellow water coming out. So from a personal standpoint it’s made quality of life on location much, much better. We’ve had nothing but great things about these units. We’ve enjoyed the relationship with Alan and his crew at Waterfleet. I think they’re gonna be quite successful in marketing these products to the oil field. I wish them success.

Title: Drilling Manager | Rig: H&P 508